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02 March 2006 @ 11:54 pm
Fanfic. Different minifics. Londo/G'Kar  
Now, most of these minifics are really good. I advice you to read it.
I personally prefer het, but since these fanfics are good and also have Londo (my second favourite B5 character).


Minifics by Andraste:
- Camera Obscura (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/cameraobscura.html)
- Ad Libitum (http://www.altogetherelsewhere.net/blueshades/adlibitum.html) slash
- Masquerade (http://www.altogetherelsewhere.net/blueshades/masquerade.html) slash
- Into Temptation (http://www.altogetherelsewhere.net/blueshades/intotemptation.html) slash

Minifics by Selena:
- Confessions of a Biographer (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/confessionsbiog.html)
- In Vino Veritas (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/invinoveritas.html) slash
- Truth or Dare (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/truthordare.html)
- White Lies (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/whitelies.html) Mostly focused on Londo, but there's a very nice piece of G'Kar

Other's minifics:
- Safety in Numbers (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/safetyinnumbers.html) slash
- Vision (http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/vision.html) slash

Please, note, that the fics I put here are those I consider good. You can find some more on these sites:
http://centauridelegation.homestead.com/fanfiction.html (Londo and G'Kar centered fanfics)
http://www.altogetherelsewhere.net/blueshades/babylon5fanfiction.html (Andraste fanfics)

To be continued...

Unread fanfics from different sites:
http://www.squidge.org/ctm/Fics/LadyQ/ValWed.html - Londo/G'Kar storyline is mentioned here although the fanfic itself is not focused on them.
siennasnapesiennasnape on May 16th, 2007 12:09 am (UTC)
I will have to check these out! G'kar and Londo are my favorite characters from the show.
kras_nastyakras_nastya on May 19th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
Ok, and btw, if you have any related links, post them in this community as well, pls.